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Let us host your Bachelorette Party in the private lounge space of our Brooklyn retail shop!

One of our Shagadelic instructors will guide you through tutorials and games that are customized to fit your party, so each event can be very different. The entire event is 2 hours - a half an hour to settle in, and hour long workshop (with education, games, and prizes), and a half hour for an optional Scavenger Hunt around the retail shop (the winning team receives a prize!). Everyone in the party gets a Goodie Bag, and the bride-to-be receives a special Bridal Bag valued at $80, plus prizes for games and other fun activities. A yummy cheese plate and Prosecco are also included. And don't forget to add-on our optional Slave Boy (additional fee required)!

Since this is a fully customized event, you and your party (with guidance from our instructor) will determine the topics the day of the event, and the instructor will customize those topics according to the level of interest.  For example: As you and your party are settling in, you will each receive pieces of paper to anonymously write down topics that you might be interested in talking or learning about. As the event begins, the instructor will see which topics came up with more frequency, and those will be talked about a little more in depth. Frequent general topics are G-spot, BJs, Sex Toys, Kinky Play, Butt Play, and Dirty Talk, but you can get as specific as you like, and also as tame or as raunchy as you like ;) You just write down your ideas and the instructor creates the class from them - she has different games to play that go along with most topics. We have found that this customized structure works very well, as everyone will have the chance to talk/learn about whatever they have been thinking about - it is a very fun, organic process.

For the Scavenger Hunt (optional): your party would be split into teams, then given clues that will point you to specific items around the shop - which ever team gets through the most clues wins a prize. This would be done after the workshop for the last half an hour. If you choose not to do the Scavenger Hunt, you are welcome to lounge in our back room to relax and chat with your friends about what you just learned.

The base price for a two-hour party is $1,100.00 for up to 11 guests, and $60.00 per person for each additional guest, up to the maximum allowed of 25 people.

 A deposit of $550.00 will be required to secure the event date and will be applied to the final bill. Parties will not be scheduled until a deposit is received. The balance due will be charged the day of the event. We accept cash and all major credit cards (MC/Visa/AmEx/Discover). We do not accept split forms of payment.

What the Bachelorette Party Entails: 

  • A two-hour event, with a one-hour customized workshop included
  • Goodie Bags for each attendee ($15 value)
  • Bridal Bag for the bride-to-be ($80 value)
  • Cheese Plate
  • Prosecco or other sparkling wine
  • Bachelorette Bucks as prizes for party games, and $20 in Bucks for the Bride (Bachelorette Bucks are limited to pooling up to $20, and can be spent at Shag the day of the event)
  • Optional Scavenger Hunt (if requested)
  • Optional Slave Boy service (additional $200.00 fee, if requested)
  • 10% in store discount on purchases on the day of the event

Cancellation Policy:

100% refund of deposit - Party cancelled 30 days before the event.

50% refund of deposit - Party cancelled 30 - 8 days before the event.

0% refund of deposit - Party cancelled 7 days or less before the event.

Please feel free to call or email with any questions:

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!!