Dissociated Pussy New work by Lauralee Benjamin & Rivka

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Dissociated Pussy
New work by Lauralee Benjamin & Rivka

On view June 16 - Sept 7

Opening Party
Friday, June 16

Artist Statement:
We are exploring the separation of thought from emotion, the juxtaposition of the physical and spiritual, the dissociation of body and mind. Combining our differing artistic styles, we found the line that connects one to the other - we isolate the figures from their realities and place them in abstract representations of their emotions.

The pieces in this show touch on uncomfortable themes including shame, lust, insecurity, loneliness, and sexual frustration. The use of feline features hints at the patriarchal tendency to compare women to pussycats in an effort to write us off as manipulative or needy. It is also a humorous nod to our deep love of cats (shoutout to our kitties Benny, Laura, and Cori!).

We combined surrealist feminine imagery with bold abstract shapes to present a masterpiece of visual emotion. With a combination of acrylic paint, markers, and pencils, we have imagined these women in spaces that represent their intangibles. Sexuality and femininity is unique to each individual, and each one of these paintings emotes a different feeling and tells another story.


Brooklyn-based artist with a love for exploring and experimenting with shapes and colors. Using mostly acrylic paints and digital geometric styles, I attempt to express abstract ideas and questionable stories. There is more than one explanation for each piece, and I learn more about myself and my own journey through this messy exploration.
Lauralee Benjamin:
I have always been interested in the ways women harness and express their sexuality. In my work, I explore the connections between sex, love, lust, pain, revenge and control, based on my own experiences. 

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