Haute Chocolate Bars

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Manufacturer: Haute Chocolate

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Brooklyn-Made Haute Chocolate is clean, sexy chocolate for gods & goddesses, bad girls & boys, femme fatales & warriors. Available in 5 flavors! Each bar is 2 ounces of deliciousness ready for devouring!

Espresso Chocolate Bar

Her hands are said to take away the pain. She will lick your wounds, she will cradle your soul. She is loyal without fault. Electricity runs through her veins. All of nature’s pleasures exist in her, generous and savage. She is Espresso by Haute Chocolate. Stumptown Coffee’s Hair Bender beans are roasted then blended with our classic semi-sweet 70% cocoa Pervian organic dark chocolate. The marriage creates a delightful rich flavor, embodying a slight floral and pleasing acidic finish.

Rosemary Chocolate Bar 

Delicate skin. A predator smile. She can give or take life with just one breath; such is her control. You’ll never know if she is the one, or just the one with the spells. It’s hard to care when she’s impossible to resist. She is Rosemary by Haute Chocolate. The beauty in subtlety is showcased in our rosemary chocolate. Rosemary is delicately infused into 70% cocoa semi sweet Peruvian organic chocolate, then is garnished with a touch of Himalayan salt to bring out the herbaceous and savory flavors.

Toasted Almond Chocolate Bar 

She is free from all cages. A nomad teeming with secrets. Glowing with the wisdom she unapologetically keeps for herself. Like hidden fruit she is rich inside, dripping with virility. She is Toasted Almond by Haute Chocolate. Organic Almonds toasted to perfection are gently blended into the classic 70% cacoa semi-sweet Peruvian chocolate resulting in a satisfying, sumptuous crunch.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar 

She is of the woods. Flighty, delicate, arresting. Forever distracted by her senses, she always smells the flowers on her path. She just might reveal herself, intimately, secretly- the moment you stop looking. And if you were looking, mere mortal, lucky youShe is Semi-Sweet by Haute Chocolate. The classic 70% organic Peruvian dark chocolate that started it all. Embodies a deep rich texture and harmoniously balances a natural bitterness with just the perfect touch of sweet.

Chipotle Cinnamon Chocolate Bar 

She sears. She cuts to the bone and shears it away. You will feel her on your flesh long after she is gone. She will dare you to like the feeling. It’s not that she is evil. It’s that when one is born of fire, they can’t help but burn with passion. Sometimes passion hurts, sometimes you need a little taste of pain. She is Chipotle Cinnamon by Haute Chocolate. Spicy. Beautiful. Bold. This unique flavor infuses our classic semi-sweet organic Peruvian chocolate with savory chipotle peppers and a sweet cassia cinnamon. The result is a spectacular blend of spicy chipotle balanced by the sweet aromatics of cinnamon.

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