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Shibari Beginners Rope Bondage Class: Sun, Nov. 8th 5-7pm

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Price: From $75.00 to $235.00

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Intro to Shibari: Rope Bondage for Beginners
Sun, Nov. 8th
Bundle this intro class with one of our Intermediate Shibari: Bondage for Sex classes and save!!

Hosted by Valentine Amartey

Shibari literally means to tie.

In 18th Century Japan rope was used as a form of punishment; different types of binding and different colors of rope were used to identify the kind of crime the prisoner had committed and the social class he belonged to.  During World War II, the Japanese learned the concepts of the West and legacy of the Marquis de Sade. These were added to the ancient art, and the art form we know today as Shibari came into being. 

Today we see Japanese bondage (Kinbaku/Shibari) used for sexual bonding, personal release, and as an artistic expression of beauty.

This workshop is designed for anyone interested in exploring the concept of power exchange with rope, and how this plays out physically in the bedroom.  The class will consist of a tutorial of three basic ties and how they can be used singularly or in conjunction with each other to create an erotically charged rope scene.
Learn how to tie elegantly with controlled measured technique.

Participants will be encouraged to tie and be tied in turn to get a fully rounded experience of this ancient art form.

Shibari, at its core, is about the centered control of oneself and ones partner. It can be an incredibly erotic and sensual experience for all concerned, is a rewarding way to add to your sexual skills, and the information learned here can be carried through to many real life situations. 

Materials to bring to class:
1. An open mind.
2. Safety shears.
3. 100ft of rope cut accordingly:
            2 10ft lengths
            2 25ft lengths
            2 15ft lengths

Note: people attending as a couple can use the same 100ft of rope

You can buy a Beginners Rope Kit ($60) at SHAG before the class - our hand dyed rope comes in pink, purple, red, blue, and black (these are already cut for ease of use). You can also buy  rope that is used for clothing lines from a hardware store - it comes in 100ft coils and is relatively inexpensive and easy to work with.

Most people prefer to use hemp, cotton or nylon rope.

$235/ Intro + Intermediate Bundle

Registration Deadline: November 7th

Please see our WORKSHOP POLICY here.


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