Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: SHAG Stands-Up Against Sexual Abuse

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Price: suggested donation of $15 for materials
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SHAG Presents
:  Preventing Child Sexual Abuse - 
A practical & empowering action-oriented program that teaches adults how to prevent childhood sexual abuse.  SHAG believes that learning the facts about child sexual abuse helps prevent it, talking about it helps prevent it, getting involved helps prevent it...  Let's work together to END child sexual abuse.
When & Where:
June 14th 6-8pm @ SHAG
108 Roebling Street & N 6th
Brooklyn, NY 11211

SHAG will offer this program FREE of charge to anyone who can not afford the suggested donation of $15 for materials -- one trained adult can protect an average of 10 children, so please, please join us. If you need a FREE ticket, please sign up and email us at to reserve your spot.
Kids can't always protect themselves, so as adults, we are solely responsible for the safety of children. It's on us to protect the children in our lives from sexual abuse. That's why SHAG has partnered with educator Sandra Chambers to offer a deeply important workshop that focuses on PREVENTING childhood sexual abuse. 
Startling Facts
  • Nearly 1 in 10 children will be sexually abused
  • 93% of victimized children know and trust their abuser (STRANGER Danger Doesn't Work)
    • 63% of abusers are acquaintences like teachers or neighbors
    • 37% are immediate or extended family
  • 73% if children don't tell anyone about the abuse for at least a year & many never tell
  • 50% of sexually abused children suffer trauma that follows them into adulthood like drug & alcohol abuse, dropping out of school and mental health issues
  • Child sexual abuse crosses all socio-economic boundaries, cultures, races and religions
What You'll Learn in the Workshop:
  • 5 Steps to Protecting Our Children (D2L certified approach)
  • Prevention Policies
  • Recognizing Signs of Sexual Abuse
  • How to Confront Suspected Abuse
  • How to Stop Abuse 

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