Divine Hermaphrodites & The Project of Being

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Divine Hermaphrodites & The Project of Being
On View April 6 - June 16, 2018

Opening Reception:
Friday, April 6

The works in this show are an exploration of the Alchemical concept of Double Matter. The Alchemist seeks to unify the great opposing forces of the universe such as Male/Female, Man/Woman, Sun/Moon, Spirit/Earth, et al. The Divine Hermaphrodite (or “Rebis”) provides the carnal metaphorical personification of this union of seemingly opposing elements (the Double Matter). I have become infatuated with The Rebis and she has inspired my recent paintings and drawings. I imagine her as a torrid puddle of teeth, hair, claws and soil. She is the fusion of Sun King and Moon Queen, born anew as Androgyny, with a might so strong it turns corpses to spirits. She is a wolf, she is beautiful, and represents the Holy merging with the Earthly.

The power of Double Matter, this great marriage of opposites, has led me to seek and meditate upon the tipping point where earthly matter ends and the spirit world begins, where skin and trees and ideas are all made of the same stuff. The realization is that we are all human deities, existing as a complex unity of an ethereal good/evil spiritual plane, and the rapidly changing earthly domain. As Gods, we construct our own realities and discover our own meanings before our inevitable long goodbye in the Project of Being.

The world around us is transforming into the starkly unimaginable. Spacial and sensory understandings are breaking down and the universe we see every day becomes more and more the hideous reflection of our collective unconscious, both familiar and unknown. Pop-Surrealist painter and illustrator Alexis Price creates a vivid and provocative body of work that encapsulates this contemporary phantom duality. Self-cannibalizing twins, hermaphroditic archetypes, twisted amputated physiological human forms, grotesque and profane taboo, shape-shifted part-human/part-animal beasts and cosmic alchemical symbolisms populate her artworks, dancing alongside lush rainbows and geometric grids, galaxial backdrops, and perversely contextualized pop-iconography.  Her work exudes an acute autobiographical perception as well as a visionary external commentary, As Above So Below.

Alexis Price's
unique artistic understanding is rooted in being completely self-taught; visual art is her necessary cathartic communication. However, Alexis is no stranger to the art world, having spent a majority of her upbringing performing/studying Modern Dance/Ballet/Tap, receiving her Modern Dance degree from Meredith College in 2006 and regularly collaborating with (2015 MacArthur Fellow) Michelle Dorrance of Dorrance Dance. Though despite her opportunities for advancement in the Modern Dance world, she decidedly shifted all focus to her fine art career, finding her true voice resonating across her paintings and drawings. After successfully establishing her art career in Raleigh, NC, Alexis relocated to Brooklyn, NY in 2017 where she currently resides. Her artwork has been featured in Beautiful Bizarre, Art For The Sick, Bizarre Beyond Belief and Queer Appalachia. She has contributed to numerous public art projects in North Carolina and shows regularly in New York City galleries.

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