ALL YOU CAN EAT: Norman Cockwell - The Artist

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Sofia Bachvarova as
"Norman Cockwell - The Artist"
On view Sept 7- Nov 10

Art Opening Party
Friday, Sept 7th

     Who is Norman Cockwell...?  

He is the “established white phallocentric artist” (think Richard Prince) who takes great pleasure and delight in subversive erotic picture making as part of his free creative spirit. Rooted in the realm of the cerebral/conceptual arts, Cockwell doesn’t mind “borrowing” iconic imagery from other Male artists of the past; in fact, he very much enjoys this as a kind of brotherhood of the penis. Perhaps due to a strange name coincidence, Norman Cockwell feels a special kinship to those artists who “came before” and hopes to reveal what they (think Norman Rockwell) really had in mind while painting females in domestic settings, so ripe for the taking. Cockwell feels that being a very white, very “gendersexual” male in his artistic prime gives him the confidence to take this opportunity and ride with it. Never before has the political and artistic climate been so receptive to confident males bursting with latent sexuality... 

     Who is Sofia Bachvarova?

New York based painting and installation artist who interweaves the human figure into “environments” of hyper-realism and abstraction in what she refers to as a kind of “urban witchcraft”.  A graduate of Andy Warhol’s New York Academy of Art, Bachvarova’s work has been selected as best of show by Mike Weiss gallery and exhibited in Chelsea Art Now/Joseph Gross gallery, Flowers Gallery and Island Weiss gallery, among others. More info is available on the artist’s website: 

For this exhibition Bachvarova is exploring the potentiality of  her animus as “Norman Cockwell- the Artist “. The work digs into the libidinal subject served on a plate - both literally and figuratively, as the artist modifies the imagery found on vintage and junkyard china into modern painterly tales of “ All You Can Eat” . A conceptual performance of the artist reading from “The Cockwell Manifesto “ will be enacted during the opening of the exhibit. 

     “All You Can Eat ” - fresh flesh from Norman Cockwell’s studio /artist statement:

From antiquity on, sex has been served on a plate either as food or imagery, or both.
Erotic imagery provides us with a much needed sustenance, a sense of comfort that we all have dirty thoughts. The ancients, as research shows, had an open sexuality much more uninhibited from puritanical mores and worshiped Eros as Shakti, the divine creative force behind all life on earth::::.Besides the fact that this energy seems to be historically seen as feminine, it has been systematically subverted and perverted under the guise of “morality” and has become the domain for male egocentrism. Furthermore, as generations advance and morality is concealed under modernity, we have sacrificed Eros, for “Pervos”.
From the times of the sexually repressed America of the 50’s, printed edition plates have been popular among collectors as a kind of “affordable art”.
Especially favored were the plate prints by Norman Rockwell, in particular his “Rediscovered Women” series, depicting women in cliché domestic settings.
Upon closer look, there seems to be something lacking however, the images stare back with begging eyes... they want to throw out coy pretense and fully expose themselves to the ever probing “male gaze”, armed with the power of their reclaimed sexuality and ravish back the “male gaze” of old. These new protagonists are empowered and confident. They swing a dildo better than a kitchen ladle. The feminist whores they are!... They deal with sex as they would with training a puppy - praise and punish with the power of love.
It seems only natural that Norman Cockwell should come along and finally liberate this popular collectors’ medium. He lets the viewer’s eye consummate all that can be served on a plate.
It has never been a better time for such an “all you can eat” buffet..*
  • Word of caution - excessive consumption may have a strong laxative effect. Adult supervision is advised!

Website for Sofia Bachvarova:


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