Crystal Delight Bunny Tail Plug

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Price: $110.00
Manufacturer: Crystal Delights

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Crystal Delights introduces their newest innovation: The Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug!!

The original bunny tail plug so well received that they made a version of the Borosilicate glass plug that features a tail that can be firmly attached or detached! This makes cleaning it a breeze and allows for swapping out of tails to fit your every mood. This new cute little tail has a Neodymium Super Magnet that attaches it firmly to the plug. Because of the magnet's strength, we suggest that you just slide it to the side to remove the tail from the plug, rather than pulling it off. (Tails are fragile and should not be pulled on.)

Crystal Delights will be adding this magnetic feature to some of our longer, swishier tails in the near future, as well as adding a line of just magnetic tails without the plug. This will let you pick and choose the tail you want to wear to fit your spirit that day.

- Made in the USA of carefully crafted Borosilicate Glass
- Smooth Body-Safe Materials
- Natural and Eco-Friendly
-Phthalates Free and Non-Toxic
- Great for temperature play (read care and use for proper warming and cooling)
- All toys are unique (every one is individually handcrafted)

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