I wish you were cooler, or I was more lame

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Price: $4.50
Manufacturer: Snarky Cards
Outside Message: 
Dear _________ ,
I wish you were cooler or I was more lame.  Either way, I don't see this going anywhere.  Better XXXX luck next time, huh?
Sincerely, __________

This card will help you dump a lover, your dentist, or any crappy friends you need to unload.  It's the ultimate break-up card. It's clean and clear. And after, there should be no confusion about how you feel.  You're just free of that lame-o!


PS: Remember! Snarky Cards are Post-Cards.
They've got pretty pictures hand-painted by Alisa on both sides, and the words are typewritten with her Smith-Carona: Bob

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