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Price: FREE
On View Jan 19 - March 31

Opening Reception:
Friday, Jan 19

QUEEN is a photo project about empowerment...
Shifting the viewer's focus from the dominant-submissive ideas typically associated with Shibari, and towards an emotional exchange between two people.
Creating a space wherein both partners are equally empowered by their choice to engage with each other.
Each partner becoming a Queen, emanating power within the ropes that surround her by embracing her vulnerability.
Conceptualized, creative directed, and produced by HMN Creative, in collaboration with shibari artist Kissmedeadlydoll, working with photographer Rachel Thalia and a team of 15 models, stylists, hmua, and production assistants to create the project you see today.
QUEEN pays homage to the origins of shibari, while looking at the art form, the sexual implications of rope-tying, and the identity of both the top and the bottom through a modern lens to make a statement on empowerment through consent.

Shibari by Kissmedeadlydoll
Creative Direction by HMN Creative
Production by HMN Creative
Photos by Rachel Thalia
Styling by Nina Cuso
HMU by Justine Sierakowski
Floral by Nicole Absher

HMN Creative is a NYC-based creative production company dedicated to representing and expanding the human identity through art. We conceptualize and produce content, events, and experiences that cultivate an inclusive community, provide a platform for underrepresented artists, and spark productive social conversation. 
Kissmedeadlydoll is a NYC based rope lover and avid self-suspender. Her goal in all self-suspension is to adapt to the same concepts of how one ties someone else to tie yourself. To educate and inspire others, to collaborate and find something new. Always searching for new ways to portray bondage mixed with artistic styling and presentation, this is just the beginning...

Rachel Thalia is a young photographer based in New York City. She finds inspiration in simplicity- the shapes and shadows of morning light creeping through the blinds, a half remembered reflection, or a shiver of some forgotten place; and tends to create images of a world she can only dream about, but longs to go to.


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