Oral Sex Lip Gloss by Shunga

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Price: $18.00
Discover the art of ultimate oral pleasure! Apply the gloss to your or your lover's lips and experience the joy of giving or receiving the divine sensations of oral pleasure. The warming-cooling effect of the gloss is designed to sensitize and excite both the male and female intimate areas while maintaining the sensation's level to the edge of an orgasmic peak... An unforgettable erotic experience... Sure to make you ask for more!

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Can't get enough xx
Darla Day (Brooklyn, NY) 5/8/2014 6:17 PM
If you’ve ever used lip-plumping gloss, you’ll probably find the first application on your pouty smile to feel very similar. After a few seconds, the tingling begins! I found it to have a sort of carbonated kick, instead of the usual burning that comes with any recipe that’s said to increase sensitivity. For peak performance, you put it on generously and then go down on your lucky guy or gal. My favorite has been to kiss my lover hard and let their newly coated lips venture to my sweetest spots. This gloss had my clit singing and made me feel even the smallest breath. The gloss tastes like strawberries and champagne, making oral a real treat for both men and women. This gloss also creates a sort of warming and cooling effect in time and with prolonged stimulation. The ebb and flow will help push you to your edge, before hurling you over it into a sea of bliss. It goes perfectly with nipple play too!